Our Services


Over the last 20 years New Zealand’s Disability Support Services sector has evolved from institutional care, to community-focused group support and care, moving to individualised, person-directed flexible models of support.

Brackenridge has likewise evolved from its earliest beginnings supporting people in 14 homes to now providing a range of options which will also evolve further to best meet the specific needs of people and their families. 

Adult Residential Services

Support is provided for people to live in a range of homes in suburbs across Christchurch and Rolleston. We provide compatible and respectful environments in places the people recognise as their home.

Brackenridge strongly believes in supporting people to achieve their aspirations, desires and goals. A personalised plan is developed to help people along a pathway to enable them to achieve the outcomes they seek to achieve.

Children’s Residential Services

Brackenridge provides support for children to live with other children and young people in a range of homes across Christchurch. Care and support is provided through our children’s workforce who recognise the rights and needs of each child, the importance of family and the need for nurturing and kindness, play and learning.

Young Persons Residential Services

Support is provided for young people to live with others of the same age in a range of homes across Christchurch. Similar to adult services we support people to live with those they want to live with. Support is also provided through a personalised planning process for each young person to identify and achieve their aspirations, desires and goals.

Support for people with
higher health needs

Support is provided for people with higher health needs within a comfortable family-inclusive environment.  Brackenridge staff work in partnership with primary and secondary care health teams.  Some people are also supported by a care and support team that includes Registered Nurses in their home. Personalised plans including input from family/whānau are developed to help people realise their goals and aspirations.

Support for people needing additional help with managing their behaviours

Brackenridge recognises the challenges some people have with their personal behaviours and the effect on themselves and those around them. Positive behaviour support is available through our specially-trained Brackenridge behaviour specialists who through their knowledge and use of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) techniques and principles are able to bring about meaningful and positive change.

Behaviour support plans are developed in partnership with individuals and family/whānau to obtain the best possible outcomes. Our specialists work collaboratively and in partnership with Mental Health Services and the National Behaviour Support service Explore.