Our Services


Brackenridge Services has been supporting people with disabilities to live the life they choose for over 20 years. Our vision is for an equal and inclusive society, free from discrimination. Following the closing of the Templeton Hospital, we joined the journey towards deinstitutionalisation and today, we work across the Canterbury region supporting over 200 people every day. We have a deep understanding of local needs and contexts, as well as an excellent track record for delivering quality services.

We have come a long way over the last 20 years. People with a disability now play a more active role in their community and are increasingly supported to live independently as possible their way. However, there is still much progress to be made to make Canterbury a more inclusive place to live. We recognize this and work to ensure that people with disabilities can regain the confidence to try new things, make mistakes and make progress in their own time, just like everyone else can.

We help people to achieve their goals, live independently, find a job and training, and improve their health and well-being. Most importantly, our range of services has been developed by responding to the wishes of people we support, their family/whanau and friends.

Adult Community Living Services

Support is provided for people to live in a range of homes in suburbs across Christchurch. This includes supporting people with complex health and sensory needs. We provide compatible and respectful environments in places the people recognise as their home.

Brackenridge strongly believes in supporting people to achieve their aspirations, desires and goals. A personalised plan is developed to help people along a pathway to enable them to achieve the outcomes they seek.

Children’s Services

We support children and young people to live in a range of homes that are safe and compatible. We recognise the rights and unique abilities of each child, the importance of family/whanau, and the need for nurturing learning and play.

Care and support is provided to families/whanau through our person-centred approach. By working with one person at a time, we assist people to embrace their abilities and goals. The Enabling Good Lives principles help guide our services ensuring we remain relevant and adaptable to the changing needs of children and their families/whanau. We believe by investing early in families helps to build inclusive communities and encourage families to develop natural supports in their community.  

Young Persons Services

Brackenridge supports young people through a personalised planning process for each young person to identify and achieve their aspirations, desires and goals. Lifestyle support is provided for young people to live with others in a range of homes across Christchurch. Self-determination is a quality that we encourage to assist young people in understanding their strengths and opportunities in life. We understand that with increased confidence, choices and control over the services people require to live the life they wish, flexibility and creativity are needed. 

Advocacy, community ventures, and social opportunities are offered through our dedicated team of experienced support workers who understand the importance of staying flexible while helping people to achieve their goals.

Support for people with
higher health needs 

Support is provided for people with high health needs within a comfortable family-inclusive environment.  The Brackenridge team work in partnership with primary and secondary care health teams to assist people that have additional healthcare needs.  Some people are also supported by a support team that includes Registered Nurses and health specialists in their home. Personalised plans are co-designed with input from family/whānau to help people reach their goals and aspirations.