Meet Todd.

A vibrant 23-year-old who grew up by the beach in New Brighton and loves to explore, the kind of guy who’s almost always smiling.

Growing up he gave his Mum and Dad a hard time because he was always running off to find new things, and a decade later, he hasn’t changed much. He’s super curious and will examine almost every object in a room. He loves his freedom, the feeling of the wind on his face and having lots of room to move.

Activities like running, biking, swinging, climbing, and jumping on the trampoline are right up his alley. Also, lemons. He loves lemons. His flatties and friends often get worried that he’s gone and left them, but he hasn’t really, he’s just hunting down a local lemon tree.

Todd can’t speak, so he uses a collection of objects to represent important activities in his fun-loving life. Todd’s parents are not only delighted with his growth but feel their relationship with Todd is far more positive and relaxed. Todd knows what is happening in his day, which gives him choices and allows him to engage in activities he enjoys.