Meet Shawn.

A lovable 36-year-old raised in Twizel who flats with three other guys his own age and has a collection of gold medals that he is super proud of. 

Shawn competed in the swimming at the Special Olympics last year where he won one gold, one silver, and two bronze. He’s already training and planning to go again in 2021.  Shawn also works for a local gardening business five days a week; he loves it so much he started growing one of his own.

By day he may be a gold-medal-winning swimmer with a green thumb, but by night he busts out the turntable and the smoke machine. Shawn’s other love is DJing, he preps his playlist, sets up all his equipment, and gets the beats going.

Shawn and his flatmates are almost totally independent, with support staff on rotation to help them reach their goals. Shawn has a huge amount of self-determination and knows what he wants out of life. He is proud of his achievements so far and where he is at this stage of life.

It is important for Shawn to be in the driving seat of his life and his support staff work with him to achieve this. Consistent communication and person-centered planning enable this partnership to work in the best way possible for Shawn.

Shawn has many friends in his community and enjoys chatting about new music, rugby and getting the most out of his garden.