I am proud to be where I am today. I’ve found a sense of independence and confidence, but it’s taken me a whole lot of courage to do it! 

I live with Margaret, my friend, and Gordy the cat. It’s sunny and we’ve got a veggie garden and fruit trees in the backyard, which goes around most of the house. We’ve been able to enjoy 33 years of friendship and laughs together, along with sharing the stories of our past and what we want to do in the future. We started with a trial to see if we could live together as well as be friends and after two months of living together, we decided it worked well for both of us. After several house moves, it’s just good to be somewhere nice.

I go out when I want and cook at home most nights, which will always have a few veggies involved. I have a support worker to assist me with attending appointments when I need them to. They check-in and see how I am going, usually once or twice a week, we catch up over a coffee and chat about things happening.

Happy and free are values of mine and I’m reminded of that when I see anything to do with dolphins or uni-corns. They are magical, strong, unique, and have a special history. A bit like me, I guess! I was happy to go out on the boat a few years ago and see some dolphins in the flesh. I’ve been lucky to do some travelling in my life. I’ve been to Brisbane and to the gondola there, even though I am afraid of heights I thought I would give it a go. I did freak out but then wanted to do it again! I have also travelled to Singapore in my twenties for a week and found it very different from my hometown of Christchurch. 

Bead art has been my recent creative project and I’ve now made a collection of pieces for sale. Although, they will be hard to part with.