Meet Justin.

If he isn’t working out, he’s working hard.  Justin doesn’t recognise words or numbers, but navigates life using colours and logos. He works at Healthy Harvest in Prebbleton and loves being part of the wider community.

This 23 year old began at Healthy Harvest on work experience while he was still in school.  Justin’s boss, Mike, started Justin off-loading and stacking incoming freight and taught him how to do it safely.  In order to count out the right number of items for bagging fruit/veggies, staff developed a counting rack for Justin to use so he’d get the right number of items in the bag. He doesn’t need the counting rack anymore and can get straight to work bagging and weighing items ready for their labels.  Most recently, Justin has been introduced to packing items at the check-out. 

Justin is very proud of his employment and has a strong sense of belonging, of being part of the team because he’s valued for what he brings (which includes a happy countenance and a cheeky grin). While other employees may have learned these skills much quicker than Justin, there are two qualities that Justin has which make him a quality employee: a passionate and industrious work ethic – which makes Justin absolutely reliable – and he’s polite and well-mannered with a desire to be helpful – which makes him a great team member.