Meet Jesse.

A social 27-year-old born in Timaru with a cheeky humour and a strong sense of determination. Jesse was born with cerebral palsy, but he has never let it stop him. He communicates with his dynavox computer, moving a cursor with his knee.

Jesse’s been with Brackenridge since he was just four years old, and with their support, he’s reaching new heights – literally. Jesse’s already been skydiving, and he has a dream to one day go to space. He’s super social and loves hanging with his mates, and like every other 27-year-old, he spends his spare time watching YouTube, playing PlayStation and chatting with his friends on Facebook.

He’s planning to switch up his lifestyle and move into a different home, but that’s not his only goal. He’s working on improving his written English skills and he wants to get out of the house more and go to outdoor activities and events.