On a beautiful afternoon, Ann walks around the garden of the Upper Riccarton home that she shares with housemates Karen, Lorraine and Vicky, soaking up the last of the autumn sunrays.

It’s been a lovely long summer which meant many trips to the swimming pool for Ann, and she’s excited about still being able to go twice a week to the heated one at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre.  Ann enjoys floating freely in the water and many comment it is when she looks happiest.

As well as her regular swimming exercise, Ann recently completed her first Christchurch City to Surf, deciding to use her wheelchair, and going the 10km distance at a cracking pace to cheers from the crowd.

As the newest member of the house, Ann has decorated her room in pink and it is now bathed in late afternoon sunshine.  Looking down over her bed is the mantra “Dancing is dreaming with your feet” and as her mobility increases, it seems that no more apt words have ever been written.

There’s also much to look forward to, as those in the house discuss preparations for her upcoming 40th birthday party.

Ann comes from a family of Mum and four brothers along with her friends from Brackenridge and others have already been invited to the important event.

The celebrations are a source of much conversation between the housemates, especially when they join others for trips to tenpin bowling and on the occasional dinner out at local favourite, Denny’s where Ann likes to choose a treat of lasagne and chips.

But for now, just as the sun is setting, the housemates settle down to watch television, Ann comes inside and they enjoy each others company - a cosy home together.