Andrew enjoys a visit from his parents but it’s his dad he’s particularly looking forward to seeing. He’s already organised to help cook him lunch on Friday.

At the Brackenridge shared home, support person Kay joins in the banter while carefully applying hair dye on Andrew's housemate Janet like a seasoned professional. “Janet wants to be a redhead, so we’re going burgundy,” she declares.

It’s normal activity at the house in Maddisons Road, which is especially designed for people with the highest needs.

He may not have been able to play in a First XV, but Andrew is an avid fan of the All Blacks and of course local heroes the Crusaders. He was up in the early hours to watch New Zealand retain the World Cup and his bedroom is decorated with Crusaders memorabilia.

There’s also a photograph of the family pacer, Lord Magic, winning at the Banks Peninsula Trotting Club and this inspires his regular visits down to watch the horses at the local training track go through their paces.

Andrew, like Janet and the others who share the home, each have a tailored plan that’s been put together based on what he wants to do and the goals he wants to achieve. As well as daily support and needs, it includes recreational activity and is focused on living every day to the fullest.

Uncle Andrew can also be found walking Molly the family’s Westie terrier with his nieces and nephew around the neighbourhood. They often go exploring through the nearby forest track and see how high they can go on the local trampoline.

Sometimes he travels further afield and his trips have included visiting a North Canterbury farm, flying in a helicopter, and fundraising activities that saw him join others on a holiday to the Gold Coast.

Back home he likes helping with the shopping and where he can assist around the house. Andrew enjoys popping out with the others to a café for his favourite caramel latte but he’s not sure if he wants to join Janet in becoming a redhead, quite yet!