Our Services


Community Choices and
Vocational Service

Our Community Choices programme helps people with a disability by providing steady access to meaningful, constructive and stimulating activities. The programme provides participants with education and learning opportunities as well as offering regular social, recreational and leisure pursuits designed to enable participation in real community experiences.

Our Vocational Service aims to empower people who are interested in developing pre-employment skills in outdoor garden maintenance areas. Support is provided through a dedicated team who encourage participants to achieve these vocational goals. The service can also offer some micro-enterprise opportunities that can be tailored to meet the needs, talents and creativity of individuals.

Residential Respite

Brackenridge understands the important needs of people and their families requiring residential respite support.  This is available for children and young people referred through the Needs Assessment and Coordination Service. Our residential respite service is predominately provided through two speciality homes with every effort made to match the compatibility of people accessing the service at any given time.

Supported Living

As people grow and change, they may wish to experience supportive living arrangements.  We are currently developing a supported living option to increase choice for people currently supported by Brackenridge. This will be an important service extension to assist people to live as independently as possible and under their own terms.

School Holiday Programme

A range of planned constructive activities for young people are delivered by dedicated programme staff during school holidays. These activities provide both innovative and stimulating experiences that are important in supporting the personal growth and development of our young people.

Based on recreational fun and personal encouragement, our programme is also available for young people accessing respite services. We can also cater for those who do not already receive any Brackenridge support to attend using their individualised funding budget.

Flexible Disability Supports

Brackenridge is committed to the principles of enabling good lives.  We recognise that what we do is driven by the aspirations and support needs of individuals who choose to have us as part of their life.  With this at the forefront of our efforts we are committed to adapt and grow services in providing individualised support options. In the words of one of our support workers: “when you understand personal needs and desires amazing things can happen”.
A range of individualised support options can be offered to young people. Staff can also help in the formation of person directed plans and support access to services that help achieve the outcomes people want to pursue.