About Brackenridge


Brackenridge is about People.
Supporting People to Create Great Lives.

We are a charitable organisation that provides support to children, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism in Canterbury.  At the core of our practice philosophy is our belief in all people and the rights of all to live in and be part of the community, and to exercise citizenship. We support people with disabilities to be equal citizens, belong to their communities, and become more able to live the life they choose.

Each of us is unique and important. Each of us has individual gifts and all of us require support in our lives. Brackenridge is about helping people with learning disabilities and autism with the support they need to create great lives of their own choosing.

Brackenridge uses a 'person-centred’ approach that actively promotes the principle of self-determination. This involves working with each person and their families/whānau to understand their aspirations and goals and supporting them to develop plans and ways to achieve their dreams.

In doing so we also embrace the concept of circles of support - actively recognising and promoting the importance of families/whānau, friends, communities and other support providers.

We actively support the Enabling Good Lives principles.  These are:

  • self-determination
  • beginning early
  • person-centred
  • ordinary life outcomes
  • mainstream first
  • mana-enhancing
  • easy to use
  • relationship building

Brackenridge is about constant learning and improvement.

As society’s attitudes and beliefs have changed and will continue to do so, so will ours.

We embrace the principles of continuous quality improvement and are constantly seeking ways to do things better.

We welcome suggestions and feedback to help us on this important journey.

People are our essence - those we support, their families/whānau and friends, our fantastic support staff, our colleagues and partners.

Should you wish to learn more about us and our journey of improvement in support of those we serve, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call in.